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2018 Father's Day Rib Cook-Off

presented by the
Sons of the American Legion Squadron 101

Whether you are a grill master or simply love some good BBQ this is the event for you. With games, music, raffles, and more there is something to do for everyone. There are two parks to either side of us (including a children's playground, bocce ball courts, and tennis courts) so plan on a full day of fun to celebrate father's day.

Event Schedule
7:00 AM: Team Set-Up
8:30 AM: Head Chef Meeting/Rib Distribution
9:00 AM: Cooking Begins (immediately following distribution)
2:00 PM: Cooking Ends
2:05 PM: Judges' Ribs Turned In
2:15 PM Tasting Begins
3:30 PM Award Announcements

1st Place - $200
2nd Place - $50 (awarded with 20+ entries)
People's Choice - $50

Cook-Off Entries:
$50 Entry Fee
Rib will be provided. All other supplies, including cooking equipment, must be supplied by the entrant. 
Each entry includes 5 rib tasting tickets
Limited to 30 entries

Tasting Packs: 
"Half Rack Pack" - $12
5 tickets (each for 1 rib) + sides

"Full Rack Pack" - $20
10 tickets (each for 1 rib) + sides

Thanks to a generous donation by Orion Outdoors we will be raffling off an Orion Cooker at the event.

Don't miss your chance to win this fantastic cooker!