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Becoming a member is easy, inexpensive, and FUN!


Why should I become a member?



How much does it cost?

It depends on the organization, but currently they range from $35-$50 a year.  Thats as little a $3 a month.


How long does it take?

Once you get us the application we will process it as quick as possible.  All applications as reviewed and voted on by the membership during a monthly meeting.  In general it will takes about 1 month


What do I have to do as a member?  Does it take a lot of time?

It is all up to you.  If you want to be heavily involved great.  If you prefer to relax in the lounge that is fine as well.  Perfer the middle road no rpblem we are happy to have you.  We never want anyone to feel overwhelmed when volenteering.


Your're Right! This is easy, inexpensive, and FUN! How do I Join?

Each organization has its own eligibility for becoming a member, but every one is a very simple process.  Fill out an application, write a check for your dues, turn in both along with a DD214 (or proof of a relatives service for an auxiliary program) to the club.  Once received your membership will be reviewed by the club and voted on by the membership, but don't worry the secretary from each club will be in contact with you to help you along the way. 

For futher direction click on a logo below from the club (or clubs) you are interested in.



Open to those who honorably as a member of the Armed Forces of the United States overseas during a foreign war or received special pay for imminent danager.

American Legion

Open to those who currently serving or those who served during a qualified war eras (regardless of the location stationed)

VFW Auxiliary

Open to relatives of those who qualify for VFW Membership

Auxiliary to the

American Legion

Open to Women who have a relative who is eligible for membership in the American Legion.

Sons of the

American Legion

Membership is availble to all male descendants of a veteran who is eligible for membership in the American Legion